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"Nominated Best College Speaker of the Year 2003-2004"  &

Also Winner of the Best Diversity Program in the College Market"


Programs for Colleges - Universities


Central Washington University: 1,400 students Go Wild!

college motivational speaker Victor GonzalezKeynote: The Logic of Success


This is Victor's five step plan on how to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality.   Those who succeed are the ones that understand the logical steps necessary to achieve results.  Your students will leave the keynote inspired, but  more importantly, with a roadmap for achieving both personal goals in school and beyond.   Victor Gonzalez is a professional speaker who will entertain, enlighten and inspire your audience.


"Your stress on using tools to find success, rather than simply trying to "motivate" us, was a tremendous boost."  

Daniel Z, Lehman College


college workshops by top hispanic motivational speaker

Program 1: What Great Leaders Do to WIN !    (General)


In this program I cover the five fundamentals of being a great leader: 1) Managing time  2) Delegating  3) Managing different personalities 4) How to Build Credibility  5) Leveling Expectations.  This program focuses on the leadership skills needed to develop a strong team through mutual respect and accountability. (40-60 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 2:  Communicating & Presenting-Getting Your Point Across (General)

If you can’t communicate or present your case effectively you will ALWAYS be frustrated in achieving your goals and dreams.  The number one ‘dream killer’ in America is the lack of good communication and presentation skills.   Remember, it’s not their responsibility to listen to you!  It’s your responsibility to get them to listen. (45 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 3:  The Greatest Motivational Principle: Making Dough at What You Know  (General)

The GREATEST disappointment that can await any person is the business world not living up to their expectations   No matter what your background or major, I can show you how to make as much money as you want, doing what you love.  The Greatest Motivational Principle is about how you can leverage your major or career, no matter what it is, into a fruitful career.  How do I know?  Because I’ve lived it!  (45 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 4:  Real World Preparation: Get A Job ! (Career Development-College)

In this program you will learn: where to find internships, best college job websites, how to get your resume to a 1000 recruiters quickly and how to prepare and give a  30 second commercials as well as one-on-one interview techniques.   Students will leave the program with many tools to perfect their resumes, get internships, interviews, and eventually land their dream job.  I interned every summer in college and had a job waiting for me when I graduated.   (45 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 5:  Conflict Management: When You Can't See Eye-to-Eye (General)

What do you do when people just can’t agree?  The first step is to begin to understand that conflicts are differences of opinions based on differing points of view.  This program focuses on techniques to disarm aggressive people and effective methods for getting everyone moving in the same direction.  By the time you’re done, you will learn the subtle art of diplomacy and how to take pragmatic steps in resolving differences.  (45 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 6:  The Art of Delegation & Teamwork - Taking The Training Wheels Off (General)

What is your “trust factor” with the people around you?  Do you have problems relinquishing control?”  Delegation is an evolved form of mentoring that should be used to help others help themselves.   Learn to let go and run alongside of people as they learn for themselves.   This program focuses on the leadership skills needed to develop a strong team.  (45 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 7:  Diversity: A New Perspective (General)


Are you looking for a different diversity program to bring to your school?  One that will inspire cooperation not animosity?   Then this is the program.   I ZOOM OUT at look at diversity from a broader perspective.  For example, did you know that only 10% of the U.S. population has a passport, which means that 90% of us will never leave the U.S. and see how other cultures live.  Living and traveling abroad to Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South Africa and Asia has opened my eyes and has given me a greater appreciation of America and the true meaning of ‘Diversity’ calling into question many of our strongly held beliefs about race and multiculturalism.  (45 minutes plus Q&A)

Program 8:  Negotiating Life: The Art of Compromising (General)

This program teaches you tactics to reduce objections, avoid being put in a awkward positions, and present effective and persuasive arguments.  Successful people don’t take no for an answer; they simply negotiate better outcomes to improve their position.  Whether as part of a committee or simply as a individual trying to get ahead, you MUST learn to negotiate.    (45 minutes plus Q&A)


* Special University & High School Events *

Orientation Keynote:  Why Am I Going To College?! Having a purpose for being in school becomes critical when students begin to struggle during their first year and especially in their second year when the ‘weeding out’ classes kick-in.  In my first year of engineering school, I realized how unprepared I was coming from a public school.  What kept me going?  Well, when I’m done, you WILL be convinced that the sacrifices and benefits of going to college will all be worth it in the end. 

Graduation Keynote: The Logic of Success keynote  focuses on the first steps graduates should take into the real world.  Victor shares his triumphs and mis-steps with the hope that his experience will benefit those new graduates.  The stories he shares are both inspirational and educational.



The " Simply Amazing " Testimonial

THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  The Office of Student Organization, the Student Government Association and Jackson State University have been greatly enhanced because of your appearance on campus....

The presentation was simply amazing and thoroughly captivating with just the right balance of humor.  The students are still talking about how informative the session was, .. (Click on letter)

Lori Jackson-Stewart, SGA, Jackson State Univ.

"Possibly the most important address a college student can hear."

State University of New York , Buffalo


"He is for real !"

Valencia College

The " Warning " Testimonial

To Gina @ Kirkland Productions:     I just wanted to express my gratitude to both you and Victor for assisting us in organizing our most successful Spring Leadership Conference to date. Your personalized attention, as well as that of Victor Gonzalez, contributed to the positive outcome of this event.

As for Victor, the students are still speaking about him and how much they enjoyed his sessions. He really took me seriously when I WARNED HIM he better be good!  Thing is he wasn't just good - he was excellent!  We even have a student who is interested in becoming a motivational speaker and found Victor's speech to affirm his goal. 

Again, thank you for your attention and service.   We look forward to working with you in the future.              

Tess A, Coordinator of Student Activities,  Barry University

Awesome speaker. I loved the two sessions I've been to !"  

St. Petersburg College

The "Touching Members" Testimonial

"Amazing!  As an educator, I wish I could get you to talk to every one of my students.  You're an energetic speaker and what 'college advisement' should truly be about.  I have never seen anyone touch members of every age group so effectively!  This event helped put my life in perspective and now I am confident I can reach my goals."

Kush B, Phd. Candidate, SUNY, Buffalo

"This was the first Ed Session that I felt was true to my needs for the future."

Coastal Georgia Community College


"All the tips-made me realize things I do well and some I should change. I wish you had more time."

Fairfield Univ.

The "At Peace" Testimonial

Hi Victor, I don't forget those who impact my life so easily.  I met you first at last year's APCA where I danced like "Ricky Martin" on stage.  But it was this year at APCA that our little chat fed a seed in me. 

Since the conference I have begun my own business in Interior Designing.  I haven't even copyrighted my company's name and already I have my first client whose account for this project is worth close to $7000.

You encouraged me to not be afraid of my true passions and it has been the best thing for me.  I have never felt more at peace with myself.   Thank you.   Sincerely,

Heriberto R, President SGA Valencia College

The information was great and the presentation really hit home!

Capital Asset Mgmt.


The way he presented the information; he was not 'dull'. He kept me laughing & interested!"

Broward Community College

  The "Not Surprised" Testimonial

To Gina @ Kirkland Productions: I attended the Mississippi Campus Activities Conference this past weekend at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.  One of our keynote speakers was Victor Gonzalez.  I'm sure that you are not surprised at how impressed I as well as my peers were by his presentation.  We were so impressed that we asked Victor if he would be willing to come back to Jackson to speak at our Student Government Association Leadership Conference. (I did go back...see letter at top).   Please contact me and let me know all the details of how we can go about booking Victor Gonzalez.  Thank you.

Shawna D., Jackson State University, Student Government Association

"Great facts and rules. Great interaction with myself and the audience "

St. Petersburg College

"The Bomb" Testimonial

Hey man I know that I should have read your book almost a year ago, but didn't. Well, I finally got around to it and was some good stuff.  Victor the book is the bomb.

It has some great stuff in there. Many things that I would have never really considered.  But the examples brought things home.

The ideas or situations presented, with what seemed to be real examples,  made it understandable.  It really helped open my eyes to many things... and the wrong thinking that I've experienced many times.    Man it is tight!  

Joe Alexander, Student Government, Illinois State Univ.

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